The Easiest Way To Avoid Roaming Charges: AVO

For those who often travel, have international friends or clients, we are usually inundated with ways people can get in contact. We have never been more connected than we are now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Most of us can be contacted across multiple devices, through at least six channels: text, messenger apps, email, social media, a VOIP service and, of course, a phone number. Many of us can be reached across several more, given the proliferation of messenger apps and social networks.

LinkedIn for your professional life, Facebook for friends and family, plus Twitter for, a combination of the two? We live in an age of communication overload. Were the Internet ever to crash, we would, as the author, David Mitchell said, experience a collective, human-wide stroke. But we would survive.Social Media

Studies have been done to show the benefits of a digital detox, which includes improved sleep, posture, memory, friendships and the ability to connect. And yet, there are times when we need that digital connectivity, especially when you are abroad.

Staying Connected Whilst Abroad

Family, friends and loved ones need to know you are safe, wherever you are in the world. Going abroad makes your phone number somewhat redundant since an inbound call would travel across foreign mobile networks, causing you to incur roaming charges.

The same happens, of course, when you make an outgoing call, except the cost is even more prohibitive. Consequently, most people who travel have an alternative means those back home can reach them, usually a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service, such as Skype or Viber.

iphone-contactsFor customers, this comes with extra cost and inconvenience. Family and friends back home need to be logged into the same service. Receiving a call means being signed in at the same time. Otherwise, it will go through to your mobile number, thus incurring roaming costs. The same is true if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi since the call would be charged at data rates instead; even more expensive.

Digital overload, has ironically, made our phone numbers the most convenient way for people to stay in contact. With too many choices, the simplest has become the easiest to remember.

AVO was created to take the inconvenience and cost out of being connected when abroad or in an area with bad signal. Wherever there is Wi-Fi, you can be reached with your phone number. No need for an extra service, messaging apps or roaming costs. Your friends, family and loved ones back home only need to remember one thing: your phone number. All you have to dial is there’s: stay connected, with AVO.

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